Top quality hose products for the oil and gas industry with original manufacturer's brands like
Contitech, EATON,SEL. Most comprehensive product range in the market for low pressure
applications covering rig supply, liquid mud, drill cuttings, drill and completion chemicals, 
DOCK and bunkering hose, Jack Up Ballast Water Hose 

Extensive range of high pressure SYNFLEX hose and umbilical products from EATON.
And from the inventor of the fully integrated small bore floating hoses ... EASYFLOAT®.
Trust these products proven track record

All hoses in this section are available ready assembled with a wide variety of end styles.
Except Synflex products all hoses are assembled with internal swage ( expansion) couplings
giving a full 360° seal between hose and couplings. For Synflex high pressure products
only original Synflex couplings are used.
All hose assemblies are pressure tested to ISO 1402, conductivity test if required acc. ISO 8031.
HOSE TRAKKER 2.0 serial number based testing and maintenance system is available upon request

All technical data subject to change without prior notice. This website is designed to be used as a
guide in selecting the proper hose for the applications listed herein. Notes and warnings in the
product descriptions and the technical sections must be observed and understood.