About Peters

Peters Rubber & Plastics B.V.

Our company has built a strong position in the European (manufacturing) industry over the past 40 years. We are obliged to offer our customers technical advice, project guidance and product delivery. Our product gamut embodies a wide range of technical brand hoses for the most diverse sectors. We also have a strong position in the oil and gas industry; for example on oil platforms that include oil hoses from rig to tanker and from tanker to shore.

We distinguish ourselves by maintaining a large stock position (approx. 15.000 m² of warehouse), technical advice, product development at manufacturing level and engineering service.

We strive to be a modern organization. Not only internally by keeping up with the current technologies, but also externally by acting on the latest market developments. That is why knowledge is essential for Peters Rubber and Plastics. Whereas 40 years ago we were still an excellent wholesaler, we are now trying, thanks to our acquired knowledge, to focus on various markets and position ourselves as a specialist for industrial hoses.

What we do, we want to do well. Which is why we consider the service and quality we provide to be essential. We are constantly improving towards a higher level of not only knowledge but also possibilities. Together with our customers, we strive to link our product knowledge to their application.

Our brands

For 40 years, Peters Rubber & Plastics has been known on the international market as a distributor of “original brand” industrial hoses. A number of producers have chosen Peters Rubber & Plastics as their European top-distributor for their brand:

Furthermore, we serve the market with products from suppliers such as Heliflex, Foxiflex, CavMac and Codan. These suppliers are all well-known for their high quality products. This is one of the focus points of Peters Rubber & Plastics; distribution of the higher quality segment of technical brand hoses.

By being close to the production processes of our suppliers, we guarantee both high technical product knowledge and the guarantee of delivery of the highest possible product quality from renowned high-end factories.

Make sure to take a look at our supplier page!


We have a modern assembly hall of approximately 600m², equipped with the most recent tools, machines and technologies. This assembly hall enables us to produce long length and big diameter assemblies for many different sectors.

Here are some of our options:

  • Pressure test installations up to 1400 bar with online reporting
  • Testing and certification of hoses and assemblies
  • Internal full flow swaging of hose couplings (flanges up to 12″ steel and 8″ stainless steel)
  • This makes us unique in the EU!
  • External crimping up to 12″
  • Laser marking (numbers, letters, logos, QR-codes)
  • Hose tracker with Infochip
  • On-site inventory, testing and repairs up to 12″ steel and 8″ stainless steel.

Please take a look at our assembly page to get a complete picture of our possibilities!

Stock – warehouse

Our product range contains a wide selection of products from producers all over the world. Peters Rubber & Plastics serves as a technical intermediary and distribution point between the major producers and companies from different sectors. Often these companies do not have the possibility or the necessity to buy directly from the major producers.

Peters Rubber & Plastics has therefore opted for a large stock capacity, which has around 15,000 m² of warehouse space. By keeping large stock we can serve the market quick and efficient with hoses that are normally difficult to obtain due to high minimum order quantities and long delivery times. This way we serve as a central and international distribution point for our producers.