SEL – Danfoss

SEL – Danfoss  is one of our most important suppliers for both industrial rubber and PVC hoses. The collaboration between Peters Rubber & Plastics and SEL started more than 20 years ago. Since then, SEL is indispensable in our product range.

Specialization program
SEL has strongly shaped our program by focusing on general industrial applications such as water, oil, steam, food and chemistry. The many years of cooperation serves as proof that their solid product quality falls particularly well within a very large market. SEL – Danfoss has an extremely advanced and extensive factory located in Istanbul, Turkey. From there they produce products with an excellent price-quality ratio for the most diverse sectors.

Peters Rubber & Plastics has a similar agreement with SEL – Danfoss  as with Continental ContiTech. They have chosen Peters as an important distribution point for many different sectors.

Popular products
Below you will find some of our popular SEL – Danfoss products: