Abcon-Cavan MacLellan, or CavMac for short, has its origins in Ireland. For some time, CavMac has been our largest additional supplier for rubber hoses in the field of general industrial applications.

Specialization program
CavMac has a modern factory and a highly qualified team of employees in Ireland when it comes to design, production and marketing of industrial rubber hoses. They extend our program mainly in the general industrial field. This includes applications such as oil and water. CavMac products are known for their robustness and usability in areas of application where the harshest conditions prevail. With their high quality products they fit seamlessly into our program. Specialties of CavMac are also seawater uptake hoses and hoses for aquafarming.

CavMac has a highly regarded technical department. They like to work on customer specific solutions. An example of this is fixed length hoses with built-in vulcanized flanges, completely manufactured to customer requirements.

Popular products
In the slider below you can see some popular CavMac products: