General notes about our product catalogue:

Our product range includes hoses for wide range of different industrial applications:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Water
  • Cleaning
  • Air & gas
  • Steam
  • Oil
  • Chemical
  • Material handling
  • Food
  • Bunker, Marine & Offshore
  • Aqua farming

Please note the following information with regard to our product specification sheets:

The content of this publication is non-binding. The information given is based on our best knowledge, latest technical status as known to us and is subject to error and technical changes. For further information with regard to liability and our general conditions of trade please contact Peters Rubber & Plastics bv.

Warranty claims are always related to proven material and manufacturing faults, provided hose fittings have been assembled according good manufacturing practice and hoses have been used according the recommended usage conditions and proper use of the hose has been observed.

Cleaning and sterilization processes using steam may only be carried without pressure in open end systems at temperatures specified for the hose type in question.

All technical data as for example pressure and vacuum ratings are based on room temperature.

All technical data as for example working pressure, bent radii, vacuum, temperature etc. must be considered separately. Any use of hoses and increased temperature or pressure levels or prolonged service at hose operational limit will severely reduce hose service life.

All hoses are manufactured according the dimensional tolerances as per ISO 1307:2006, unless otherwise specified in hose standards mentioned on the relevant product sheet. Please always consult our website for latest product updates and specifications.

All data is based on the metric system (dimensional – pressure in bar). Imperial measures or PSI/SI pressure units serve as reference only and have been concerted as rounded values.

For proper storage of rubber- and plastic hoses, we recommend to consult DIN 7716-3 and ISO 2230.

Further in-depth information about hoses in general can be found in the RMA Hose Handbook IP2:2009 of Rubber Manufacturers Association.