Tricoflex is one of the highest-rated PVC hose producers in Europe and perhaps worldwide. In addition, Tricoflex, together with ContiTech and SEL, is one of our oldest and most respected suppliers. Peters Rubber & Plastics has been the exclusive Tricoflex retailer in the Netherlands for decades now.

Specialization program
The Tricoflex program has long been part of the Peters Rubber & Plastics program. Tricoflex is the supplier with the largest representation within our PVC range. The specialization is mainly in applications such as high pressure water, certified food hoses and (high pressure) cleaning in the food industry . Of course we should not forget to mention the yellow “Tricoflex” water hose. This has proven to be one of the most successful hoses in the history of Peters Rubber & Plastics.

Tricoflex has chosen Peters Rubber & Plastics as the exclusive distributor for their PVC program in the Netherlands. Thanks to fast delivery times, very high product and material knowledge and their consistently friendly way of doing business, Tricoflex has been an extremely reliable supplier for more than 30 years.

Popular products
Below you will find some of our popular Tricoflex products: