Semperit – Semperflex Optimit

Semperflex Optimit, as part of the Semperit Group, is one of the strongest brands in the market. They have been a trusted supplier of Peters Rubber & Plastics for many years in the field of industrial rubber hoses.

Specialization program
The Semperflex Optimit factory, located in Odry – Czech Republic, has been able to continuously bring high-quality technical products to market in recent decades. Semperflex Optimit mainly supplements our program with gas and air hoses for propane, acetylene, oxygen and compressed air. We have also included a part of their oil hoses in our program. Reliable quality and close contacts speak for themselves in our cooperation.

Since the beginning of 2019, Peters Rubber & Plastics has entered into a promising project with Semperflex Optimit, by presenting a specific gas hose on the market. It is about our FPB R67 / R110 automotive gas hose, which is now making its mark in the LPG sector.

Popular products
In the slider below you can see some popular Semperflex Optimit products: