Semperit G-Series Upgrade

25 February 2022

Semperflex announced that our proprietory hose types Optimit G 5400 – G 5500 – G 5600 have undergone  an important  product improvement which vastly improves general fuel resistance.

Semperflex in house testing confirmed that these types are now suitable for:

Mineral oils / Petrols
30-40-50-60% aromatic contents

Diesel / Biodiesel
B7 – B20 – B100 / RME conditional service (test before use)

Gasoline / Benzine
E 5 – E 10 – E 85 – E 100

The G – Series has been a cornerstone of Peters Rubber & Plastics hose program for decennia. The new product improvements now offer a far wider field of applications.

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