21 August 2019

Besides the usual bunker, oil, dangerous chemicals or other hard-core applications, hoses can also be used for a very different kind of purpose.

Visual artist Ronald van der Meijs reached out to Peters Rubber for a lightweight and flexible PVC tubing hose, which he would incorporate in his latest artwork. It turns out our Tubclair hose by Tricoflex fulfils all requirements! We are proud to be part of such an artistic project.

As a visual artist, van der Meijs makes location-oriented installations that show how we relate to nature.

The sound art installation ‘Plastisphere’ is an architectonical intervention in a church referring to new life on plastic pollution particle which float at the surface of the ocean.

This art project is the outcome of a collaboration with scientists Erik and Linda Amaral – Zettler of the Dutch NIOZ Ocean Research Centre on the island of Texel.

The project refers to the research of the plastic soup where organisms like Diatoms and bacteria living on floating ocean plastic particles and form a new habitat.

This architectonical intervention in the church of Texel acts like a structure generating sound by its plastic which is slowly breathing in and out continuously during the three month exhibition

To see more of van der Meijs’ astonishing creations; feel free to visit his website!

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